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Some Logos I have done

My Art

by Eileen Tidwell

paint3.jpg (6977 bytes)
This is one I did using my Wacom digital art pad and Dabbler software.
I use it for my business logo.

et-bird1.jpg (48999 bytes)et-bird2.jpg (10293 bytes)et-bird3.jpg (18063 bytes)

et-birds.jpg (23029 bytes)

These are 3 scan versions of the same sketch. The left is as scanned; center charcoal effect, and right also charcoal effect, but lighter values

et-ht-50.jpg (52514 bytes)wpe1.jpg (12853 bytes)

The top four blocks of sketches are from my 1995 sketchbook

Lasnlynx2.jpg (14413 bytes)           sketch-1.jpg (52843 bytes)     line-drawing-lasan-lynx.jpg (47151 bytes)

Miss Go Lasan and her 1998 filly, Lynx Lasan






nude.jpg (14910 bytes)

wpe1.jpg (8058 bytes)

  This was a class assignment in a correspondence art course that I once started but never finished.  

Here's Oreo again, a preliminary sketch....VERY prelim!

This is the first thing I have ever scanned directly onto the internet! Neat procedure! I had this file open when I did the scan and VOILA!


PinkLynxAnn.jpg (24269 bytes)

3-mares-digi-painting.jpg (84769 bytes)

This is a photo I took of three of my fillies on pasture. On the right is Digital Art I did from this photo.

Below: web directional gifs that I have created

and then there are my Efforts at Animations .....

and then there are my Scripting Efforts .....

©Eileen Tidwell 2003

Our special story: JIGGS 'N ME

Eileen with Jiggs 1973 (Jiggs at age 25
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