a serendepity experience with Adobe PhotoShop: in reading an article on something else, I saw a reference to "unsharpen mask" indicating it is a tool used to SHARPEN an image ... well I would never have guessed. And being purely self-taught and struggling to do that, I had to try it out myself. VOILA. ... it does work. How neat. All those pictures I ruined trying to use "sharpen" to "sharpen" when I needed to use "UNsharpen mask" to sharpen.... duh.


This is where I am displaying my animations as I learn by creating. It is going to be painfully slow to open and if you have the patience to wait it out, I thank you!

Some of the animations are from my original silly art; some from my photographs and some from photos sent to me by other folks. All in fun. Sheri Cook, my friend and a fantastic artist, did the portrait of Jiggs below, but your's truly just had to make my all-time favorite horse and best friend WINK.

JiggsWink.gif (154009 bytes)

and ART

nya-nya.gif (31974 bytes)

erna-filly-yak-yak.gif (89683 bytes)

yap-yap.gif (10915 bytes)

Lasan's 1999 filly, animated from a photo that I took when she was a few weeks old.

From a photo I took of Erna Ginkel's beautiful 1999 filly from her mare Ginger and the great stallion Van Tyke

A very early from scratch attempt

reining1.gif (35973 bytes)

One of my first "from scratch" animations. A reining horse naturally...in case you can't tell, LOL!

BubsCapTalk1.gif (74625 bytes)

Bubs  took on a life of her own when she visited the Barn Porch and became an honorary Senior Citizen.

My friend Jean took this photo of a crop duster and a self service sign on a trip out to Arizona. I took the liberty of getting the pilot to do some stunts for us.

This one is a "from scratch" too ... a pencil drawing I did of my mare Lasan and her daughter Lynx, then jazzed up in PhotoShop and Animated in Microsoft Animator

If you gain some insight into creating art and animations or if you just enjoy these for a minute or two, then I have succeeded. Thanks for stopping in and looking.

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