We believe in miracles
We've had first-hand experience!

Eileen and Gina, celebrating our 67th birthdays
at a nearby arena on August 24, 2004

Regina and I  have been friends for many, many years, raising our kids together, seeing one another through all kinds of things, riding and training our horses together.

A few years back, Regina was critically injured in a fall, with brain damage. She was in a coma for weeks, on full life support. The outlook was bleak at best; the doctor said that IF she lived, which was unlikely, she would most likely do so in a vegetative state.

All around the nation, people put her on their prayer lists.

In a couple of months she awoke, with full memory and all cognitive and physical skills.

As you can see by the photo above, Regina is fine and fully living life! Praise the Lord!

A true miracle.


The Healing Power of Prayer!
Julie Johnson

After I was injured in '96, the Dr was on standby for emergency surgery.  I had ribs broken both front and back, a collapsed lung, ruptured spleen and bruised kidneys.  This got me a stay in the Bowie Hosp. for a week!  They thought they would have to re-inflate the lung and remove the spleen because of the internal bleeding.  It was so strange - I had a high fever and was delirious on Sunday evening.  This was at the time that my Mom's church group would meet for a devotional.  All of a sudden, the fever went down and there was no more internal bleeding!  No one really knew why, but my Mom did.  She and I too, firmly believe that there was divine intervention. 
    The power of prayer!  I was able to leave the hosp. 2 days later.  The Dr said that I was the strongest woman that he had ever met!  -Julie

When we bought this house and God told me to pack 6 months before hand, gave me signs and wonders like you would not believe! Really a cool story, it was 6 months before our house sold but I knew that God had spoken to me and so I packed, waited, waited, and then right before our house sold He said "get ready" I said "God is that you" and in the next paragraph I was reading, it was a book about Jacob it read "and Jacob had learned to recognize God's voice." I kept a journal the whole time and when ever I have fear or doubt I go back and read the miraculous things that happened and I know He is always here with me.
Only Christ Can Fill Our Heart

Karen M. Lehman

    NOTE: Karen's filly, Star, is recovering because of prayer! 3-18-05



Back in the 1970s I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at about the same time that my mare was diagnosed with an arthritic-infectious condition of a hock. We were in pain and it looked pretty hopeless, at least from where I stood.

I remember going out to the horse lot and crying and praying and laying my hands on April's hock, and asking the Lord to please heal her.

With good doctors, both MD and VET, and mostly with the Great Physician, April and I both were healed.

In training as a 2 year old, during a very humid and hot and stormy day, Oreo was stricken with colic.

My trainer was away from home, and his wife called me in a panic.

As I always do, I began praying, while I hurriedly found a syringe and some colic relief medication that was in my refrigerator. Meanwhile I put in an emergency call to our vet and left a message with the answering service telling him where and why he was needed.

Rushing to the trainer's home, I never ceased praying.

When I arrived I found not just Oreo, but another horse, with colic. My trainer and his wife are strong Christians, and she had been praying too. Both horses seemed improved by the time I got there, but I injected both of them anyway, and we waited for our Vet. When he arrived, they were doing so well that no further treatment was necessary.

These are only two of many, many healings my animals have had over the years.

In addition, I seek the Lord's guidance in all their welfare, including who will own them if they leave here. Without exception, every one of them has gone to wonderful, kind and loving homes.
And usually the people who have bought them, have been seeking the Lord's guidance in finding the right horse.

HE is so wonderful, such a loving partner in every aspect of life.



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