in memory

Miss Go Lasan, was the granddaughter of my first quarter horse mare, 'Jiggs' whom I got as a baby in 1950. Lasan's mother, GoGo Lasan, was, up until our current stallion Oreo, the winningest competition horse we had ever had. GoGo died shortly after Lasan foaled, and I raised Lasan on a bucket.

    LASAN LIVED 25 years and had a life of ease.

    She always received the best care; she never had to 'work', altho she was broke to ride and could have been a reiner.

    She was rather slow to mature so when she was young I had other, bigger futurity horses to train and haul, therefore she stayed home and eventually started having babies for us. She had a total of 10, 8 of them fillies. Eight were Quarter Horses, two of them were paints, sired by our Oreo Van Tyke.

    Among her offspring are LYNX LASAN AQHA, and TYKES HARLOW CANHEGO  APHA (her final foal).
    She's missed but I know for certain that the spirits/souls of animals return to our Great Creator, our Lord God, and she's in a much better place now.

1952 Jiggs,1970s GoGO

Lasan as an orphan baby with 'her' sheep 'Barbie'Lasan cavorting with her first foal Liveoak Lady

Lasan's daughter LYNX
and Lasan's final foal 'HARLOW'


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